Experimenting with Italian Net

Using an Italian net and a 27 gsm Stiff Tutu net mix to achieve a good stiffness in the Tutu skirt.

DSCN6591 (640x550)

6-8 year old Tutu

A 6 – 8 year old Pancake Tutu with a dyed lace overlay and Metallic appliques.

The Bodice was 3 shades of dyed Silk Dupion embroidered with silver thread.

A Silk brocade was inserted with Silver embroidery.

Dyed appliques were mixed with Metallic silver ones and finished with bead work and Swarovski Crystals.


This Tutu was an experiment in mixing Italian net and Stiff English net.

DSCN6584 (640x507)

Skirt detail

The Tutu was lighter and yet still resilient and stiff.

I used the Italian net double-hand pleated in the top two layers.

The Top layer also had Sparkle tulle added.

Then I gathered the next few layers in the Italian net.

DSCN6601 (798x800)

Underside of the Tutu showing Colour graduation and different nets.

The last couple of layers were English net.

No hoop was necessary and a light steam was all that was needed.

I found the Italian net more resilient than the English net but also liked the control I had of the English net.

The Italian net is made of a different fibre to the English Net and seems more resilient.

Over steaming any Tutu net these days destroys the coating whether its the Flame proof coating or the stiffener on the net. It also renders the net limp and floppy.


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