Terms & Conditions


These Terms and Conditions and the Shipping  are a guide line.


20% VAT is charged on all products and shipping. Prices will be adjusted accordingly.

The website is set up with prices showing as inclusive at the moment but will soon be changed to be separate for VAT invoices.


We accept Paypal, and Bank Transfers,

A fee of £5.00 including VAT will now be charged on Large orders ( for example a Roll of Net or Fabric) which are paid for through the website.

A BACS transfer will not incur these charges unless they are international where extra fees are incurred.


International cross border fee charges—

International fees—The customer is responsible for the payment of any fees charged – Bank fees or Paypal. If the higher fees are charged through Pay pal then I reserve the right to claim the balance from excess shipping or send an invoice for payment before the goods are shipped.

Depending on the type of payment made depends on the fees charged. International payments made over the website and through Paypal are double what is charged Nationally.

Please check fee charges before placing an order. Email me with queries on [email protected]

FABRIC FLAWS—Some natural fabrics have blemishes in them due to the weave or manufacture – i.e. silks often have slubs in the weave. It is advised to order more than you need. Please be aware of these in any Fabric before you buy it and if unsure do ask for a sample to be sure it is the colour and quality you need.

TRIMS— Where possible trims will be sent in one continuous piece. If low in stock more than 1 piece will be sent. Sometimes the end of the roll dictates more pieces.

NETS—-Sometimes Net will be sent in two pieces on larger orders. If it is the end of a roll of net I usually add extra.

Please NOTE– There can be folds or creases in the net due to the the way it was folded by the manufacturer. I have no control over this.

Most small creases will be sorted once gathered and worked with so should not be an issue.


FABRIC AND PRODUCT COLOURS-–Any product on this site which refers to  Gold or Silver or Platinum is specifically referring to the COLOUR and not the metal unless stated.

SAMPLES—Please be aware I try to show the colour of the fabric as best I am able but colours can vary on different computer monitors. There is no substitute for seeing and feeling a fabric in your hand.

A sample can be requested under Fabric Samples and Net samples– a fee is charged for the sample. Postage –If the flat rate is charged I will refund £2.50 for samples only.

If samples are ordered with other goods then the standard rate shipping will be charged

If you need a sample of the trims I suggest you order 10 cm of what you need.

I charge a small fee of £1.00 – £1.50 per sample. Plus postage.

These are packaged and mailed within 2 – 4 days where possible. (Excluding weekends and Holidays) . Samples can sometimes take a week when I am busy so if they are urgent please contact me.

Samples are only available on Net, Linings and Fabrics and NOT all products.

FABRIC MATCHING—If you would like me to match thread or any other product to your fabric you can mail me a small swatch and I will gladly match it. This is sometimes easier than obtaining samples. However samples are extremely important in that they give you the confidence that you are purchasing the correct fabric and colour.

GENERAL—–Once Payment is received I will package your products and aim to dispatch within 2 – 4 days (Excluding weekends and Holidays) unless I am away at a trade show or otherwise unavailable. If this is the case it will be clearly stated on the home page of the site or on the EVENTS page. In this case any orders placed will be dispatched on my return.

If for any reason there is found to be an item out of stock or awaiting delivery I will inform you of this and you can decide to wait or to receive part of your order with the balance being dispatched when it becomes available. I can also refund you immediately for those items not available if you prefer. If an incorrect email or phone number is entered in your order details I will not be able to contact you and there will be a delay. It is then up to you to contact me.

If an order is cancelled by you the customer and I refund payment, please be aware I might have to retain any Bank or other fees charged me for the transaction.

Likewise if an existing order which has been paid for is added onto by you the Customer, and a new invoice is to be drawn up and paid for-I reserve the right to charge a transaction fee as charged to me for any transaction placed through Paypal or the Bank.

I reserve the right as the owner to change prices and availability of goods on the site at any time.

Once a Fabric order has been cut it is deemed non-returnable, so please make sure before you buy.  You cannot cancel your goods if they have been cut or return them if you change your mind about the colour or order.

Once an order has been sent and received by you as the customer it still remains the property of Valorose Tutus and Textiles until fully paid for.

If payment for whatever reason has not been received for goods then Valorose Tutus and Textiles / the owner, has the right to reclaim the goods immediately. If they have been used in a product and/or are deemed unusable by me for resale then Goods will be seized to the value of the Invoice concerned.

Any legal or other fees relating to the return of products or seizing of goods will be your responsibility/ liability as the customer or company owner -(who placed the order is irrelevant)

Shipping and packaging costs are non-refundable.

RETURNS—-Please do not return goods without first contacting the owner.

Please check your order when you receive it.  Any queries email [email protected] straight away.

You have 7 days to return an order. This must be agreed to in writing first.

Please note that patterns and Instruction Books are non returnable. Cut goods and Custom goods are non returnable.

Goods returned should be in the original, undamaged packaging with the original invoice and a note stating why the goods have been returned.

If receiving goods signed for please state on the courier’s paperwork if the goods are damaged or the packaging is damaged. Signing is an indication that the goods are in perfect condition.

If returning a product please send the item recorded delivery or signed for mail as we cannot be held responsible for the loss of the product by the post office or your courier, and if we do not have the product we cannot investigate the claim.

The cost of returning unwanted goods is at the expense of the consumer unless otherwise agreed in writing.

DISCLAIMER & COPYRIGHT—-There are so many opinions and ways of doing things and the information on this site is what I have found to work for me from what I have learnt over the years. Valorose Tutus and Textiles therefore accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information on this site. All Information is to my knowledge correct, but the suitability of each product or fabric for the proposed use is entirely the end user’s responsibility.

No claim can be made for any injury caused by the use of any of Valorose Tutus and Textiles products.

All images, text and photos are Valorose Tutus and Textiles property and Design Copyrighted. No image or Photo can be copied, pasted, removed or used without my permission.

Any copying of any part of this website or goods therein are not allowed and remain the property of Suzanne Perry of Valorose Tutus and Textiles.

Any patterns or designs or trademarks of products here belong to Valorose Tutus and Textiles and legal action can be taken if deemed necessary on said copying.