Rehearsal Tutu Skirts


Blair 1 (745x800)

Kind permission of Blair in a black Tutu skirt
Photograph by Jeri Tidwell

Rehearsal Tutus are made with the same amount of net and layers as a Professional Tutu.

These are NOT pull-on Tutus

They are made to standard sizes and there will be NO fittings.

Use the TUTU SKIRT MEASUREMENT CHART for size guidance in the drop down menu and choose the nearest size to your actual measurements. CLICK HERE

Instructions for accurate measuring  are  found on the MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS FOR TUTUS in the Tutu section of the Menu.

Although those Instructions are for a Professional Full Tutu, you can still follow the guide.  A tape measure is only provided for an order of a Full Tutu however if you would prefer one to be provided I will mail one.

  • Order times are 4 – 6 weeks depending. (Where possible)
  • If needed urgently please Contact me.
  • YOU are solely responsible for your measurements and correct sizing of the Rehearsal Tutu.


  •  Options, Size, Colours etc are decided and a quote given. Once accepted a Deposit of the Basic price is due to confirm an order.
  • A slot is booked on my calendar and only confirmed upon receipt of the deposit.
  • The Deposit can be paid by going onto the SHOP section,  TUTU category, then Rehearsal Tutus. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR SHOP
  • This is non-refundable.
  • The balance of payment (including shipping) will be due when the Tutu is ready for delivery. A confirmation Email will be sent one week before delivery to give notice  for the balance to be paid.
  • If the payment of the final amount due is not received in a week from Invoice date then the Tutu skirt will remain the property of Valorose Tutus and Textiles. It will be sold on to recoup my losses.
  • Shipping will be sent either Recorded Special Delivery or by Courier and will need to be signed for.
  • Failure of delivery is not my responsibility and if the Tutu is returned then Shipping will have to be charged for again.
  • If the Tutu is ordered Unhooped then it will be delivered inverted in a carton. It needs to be removed as soon as possible upon receipt, gently shaken out and stored flat to restore its shape.
  • If ordered Hooped, the Tutu will be either rolled in a box or packed flat in between cardboard packaging.
  • Shipping charges may vary in this instance depending on the size of the finished Tutu.
  • Please read the Terms & Conditions relevant to this product.

Rehearsal Tutu skirt Specifications

Kind permission of Blair

Kind permission of Blair
Photograph by Jeri Tidwell

  1. 9 – 10 Layer tightly gathered net (depending on age)
  2. Top layer length of net – 13 – 15″
  3. Stock net colours are White, Black, Pale Ivory, Ivory.
  4. The net used is up to my discretion – either English, Italian or a mixture.
  5. If you have a preference please discuss it before the invoice is sent. The cost might be affected.
  6. Lightly steamed and gun tacked.

Optional extras—

  • Other colours available—-£8.00
  • Panty frills —- £10.00
  • Dagged edges —-£25.00
  • Hooping-double wire plastic covered tutu hooping—–£25.00
  • Hand tacked —–£45.00


  1. Double layer medium to firm weight Powernet same colour as net- stock colours.
  2. if the Powernet has to be dyed to match a coloured net then dyeing charges will be added.
  3. Petersham waistband with elastic inserts or Petrastretch elastic
  4. Hook and Bar closure on basque
  5. Hooks and Bars supplied with Instructions on fitting for waistband


  1. Single layer medium to firm weight Powernet to match net colour— stock colours.
  2. If the Powernet needs to be dyed to match the net then an extra dyeing charge will apply.
  3. Hooks and Eyes attached at back of panty opening.

Approximate Price as standard for BASIC Rehearsal Tutu skirt  — £150.00 – £250.00 plus shipping

Delivery via Courier is around £15.00.

Delivery charges will be refunded  if Collection has been arranged.