Measuring Instructions for Tutus

Please read carefully

A  Tutu used in the Professional world of Dancing has to conform to  many criteria.  One important aspect is the Fit of the Tutu on the Dancer.

Each Tutu must be made to fit like a second skin and as there is little ease in a Tutu, the  measurements taken are critical.

I prefer to measure the Dancer myself as I know the exact places I have to measure and allowances I have to make. However if this is not possible you must follow these Instructions.

I will mail a Tape measure to you for this specific task, so please use it. I can then be sure we both have the same Tape measure.

  • NEVER measure yourself
  • Have a Seamstress or Professional Dance teacher who is familiar with taking measurements take them for you.
  • Make the time and allow an uninterrupted session with the Measurer.
  • Read the Instructions thoroughly for each measurement first and measure twice.
  • Write them down carefully in the correct place on the Form. Click Here for Form for Bodice
  • Write clearly using a Black pen and state clearly if the measurements were taken in Inches or in Centimetres.
  • Wear the garments you will be wearing underneath your Tutu or Close-fitting leotard and tights. Click here for Form for Skirt
  • Begin by tying a piece of cord or string around the exact waist–NOT where you would wear your clothes but the body’s natural waist. Tie snugly.
  • This placement dictates a lot of your other measurements so it is extremely important.
  • Try and remember to take measurements around the body as horizontally as possible keeping the tape measure against the body at all times.
  • When measuring your Full body girth–from shoulder down under the crotch and back up to the same shoulder—keep the tape against the back all the way up.
  • Once completed go through the Form again checking all the necessary measurements are done.
  • Then email me the completed Form.
  • A photograph  of the dancer during the measuring process standing straight -any position-with string placement showing clearly must accompany the Form.
  • Please Contact me with any queries about this.
  • This is such an exciting time as the measurements are the start of a journey which will ultimately lead to your new Tutu.