With kind permission from Elena


Pink and Gold Brocade Tutu E.G.

Stretch Tutu in Ballet Pink

Over the years I have met some wonderful Dancers who I have seen grow  up and either continue their Dance career or move on in other directions.


As Clara

These are some photos of Costumes or Shows I have been involved in or Dancers I admire, from light-hearted backstage ones to Performance ones.

Lovely S in her Tutu


Silk Lyrical costume

Bodice detail

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Congratulations Holly 2017

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N.L Tutu

It is always a privilege for me to make Costumes for Dancers and then to watch them perform. However I hardly have time to take photos at shows I sometimes get to see as I am continuously adjusting or improving costumes until the last minute.

As much as I have received  permission from most Dancers, there are some whom I have not been able to contact.

If  anyone would like their Photo removed from here please email me and I will do so immediately.

Many thanks to those who were so willing to help.  Enjoy.