Dyeing Net and Dagging the edges

Scalloped edge on dyed net

Example of a scalloped edge on dyed net

Sometimes the colour you are after is not available in the quality of Tutu Net you use for making Professional Ballet Tutus. Then it becomes possible to dye to achieve the results you want.

The dyeing tends to soften the net and therefore it should not be the first option.

When time is of the essence it is easier to mix layers of different colours that are readily available.

I dye Tutu net to Customers specifications in the Tutu size they want and hold some stock of colours in demand at the time.

Depending on my schedule the cutting, dagging, dyeing of a 10 layer Classical Tutu will take about 5 – 10 days. Please email me for up to date information on timing.


Dyed Vintage pink net with scalloped edges.

Dyed Salmon pink net with scalloped edges.

For example —
Adult size 15″ Classical Tutu—10 layers Super stiff Hexagonal Tutu net——Pale Pink slightly graduated.
The Power net or Cotton Bobinette  panty is dyed at the same time to achieve the closest colour match to the lowest ruffle. This is dyed in half metre pieces.
A poly-cotton colour is readily available to match the pink net if that is a preference.

 The net I use is British manufactured and there are different qualities available from Super stiff Hexagonal Tutu net to Stiff Hexagonal Tutu net and the Tulle (Diamond or Hexagonal) used for Romantics. The Super Stiff dyes better as with all dyeing of net it tends to soften.

Italian net dyes well as it is more resistant.


Ten layer super stiff tutu net

Ten layer Super stiff tutu net

Here is an example of a 10 layer Super stiff hexagonal tutu net dyed a medium Sky-blue with the power net to match on the left.

Demands change as fashion changes and so the colours I hold in stock are continuously changing.

 Colours of Net I have dyed previously are shown in the Dyeing net-colours section here

Dyeing Net prices

The Net is charged at the current rate as seen in the shop section.  The price of dyeing varies as to the needs and quantities required.



To cut a 10 layer Classical Tutu                                                                   £15.00

To dagge the edges-Scallop or ‘v’ shape                                                   £30.00

To dye net for a Classical Tutu                                                                  £30.00

       In the SHOP section under NETS you will find the Dyed Tutu Net page for purchasing these Services. CLICK HERE

As with all hand dyeing there will be slight variations in the colour which is what makes hand dyeing unique.

Once cut and dyed the net cannot be returned.

Please CONTACT me with any queries you might have.

valorose customers tutu dyed (553x640)

Tutu made by Anne with a dyed Mid Blue and Powder blue Super Stiff Net

The Stretch Blue Tutu shown on the left is used with kind permission of Ann who made the beautiful shades of blue by combining different shades of white and blue net which I dyed for her. The pattern used is by Dani Legge of Australia.-(‘Tutus by Dani’) – available in the SHOP section on the Menu.


The picture below shows the underside of the Stretch Tutu showing the layering of different colours. Powder blue Stiff net and Medium Sky-blue Super stiff net.

The underside of the tutu

The underside of the Tutu