New Tutu hooping arrived-10% off for August

A new company has just started manufacturing the Tutu Hooping.

Amazing job and good quality product.

With higher manufacturing costs and customs, duties etc it has become quite costly to import.

My mark up is minimal on this product. Rolls are discounted.

Please see the Hooping in the Shop section–Boning and Tutu Hooping


The hooping allows the skirt to be folded and then spring back when opened.

For shipping and storage purposes this is helpful.

A 2.00 m – 2.20m piece will hoop a 13″ skirt based on a 15 year old small adult size.  (always check your own skirt as sizes can differ)

An 10 metre roll should give you enough hooping for 5 Tutu skirts if using around 2.00m per Tutu.


The difference in the old hooping and the new hooping is the plastic used to coat the wire.

As it is Polymer based (nylon) it can be dyed to match your skirt. Use an acid dye.

I have not yet tested the dyeing of the hooping but can pass information along to anyone interested.

Double strand spring steel wire coated in nylon.


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