Plastic — (Acrylic) Stones x 10

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‘Navette’ style Acrylic gemstones in multi colours

Not to be confused with Glass faceted stones–these are plastic.

Sew on Multi coloured Gemstones made from Acrylic and sold in an oval shape and a ‘navette’ shape.

These are moulded in an almost blurred effect to reflect more light.

I have been asked to put up some for a trial period and will see if they are suitable for their purpose.

Plastic gemstones have their place in decorations of crowns, costumes and where quality is not important.

They have a silver coloured backing underneath.

Oval gemstones measure approximately 13 mm x 18 mm

Navette style measure approximately 9 mm x 20 mm

Sold in Multi colour packs of 10.

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Oval multi colour Acrylic gemstones x 10, Navette multi colour Acrylic gemstones x 10