Dagging Template – Large or both sizes

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DSCN1691 (640x602)

Detail of larger zig zag cut from Template

New Black Stencil with Large Scallop and Zig – Zag edges for easier shaping of the Net.

The material used is more flexible than the last batch of Acrylic templates made.

As the template is made out of a plastic material it will become damaged if you cut into it.

Please wipe them before using as the manufacturing residue might be on the edges of the template.

I wipe the templates before mailing them but wipe or wash with a soapy cloth before using to be sure.

It is better to trace and then cut around the tracing lines on the net rather than cutting against the template.

The Scallop and Zig Zag are larger than the medium template.

Scallop dimensions are 5 cm wide x 2 cm in height approximately

Zig Zag dimensions are 5 cm at the widest point x 4 cm deep approximately

Trace around the edge and cut.

Depending on the colour of the net you can use a pen or pencil.

I find it easier to use a curved (blade) pair of scissors to cut my scallops.

Size – 20 cm long x 10.5 cm wide x 2mm depth ( Approximately)

The Zig Zag side should be used with care as it has pointy tips.

Treat with Care.

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Large Black template, Large and Medium template