Cotton Bobbinette Fabric / Net – For Tutu Panty – White, Silk White, Nude, Black.

£13.80£43.58 Price includes VAT per m

The Bobbinette might have one selvedge and one cut edge depending on the order.

There are some smaller pieces White and Black for sale.–add ‘1’ to box or email stock availability

READ INFO– Shrinkage when washing



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Essential to HAND rinse in 30 degree or cooler water before use as approximately 20% shrinkage occurs on the width.

NEW STOCK — The WHITE is more white than before but it is still not a bleached optic white.

Colours available–Nude, Black, Natural White and Silk White. Please request samples if unsure of fabric or colours.

Some smaller pieces of Natural White on sale.–check size. – (Fabric shrinkage check) Add ‘1’ to measurement box for each piece.

For DYE Service please refer to other listing.

Nude, White, Silk White and Black Cotton Bobbinette is 1.10 m – 3.25 m wide approximately.

There is a 18 – 20% shrinkage on the width after washing.

Hand wash in cool water.

As the widths change often please make sure you are aware of the current width available.

New stock of Black is 120 cm – 225 cm approximately

New stock off white is — approximately 2.25m wide

Cotton Bobbinette fabric needed —estimates—please check for your individual needs–

Approximately 0.80 cm x 1.08 m will give you enough net for a Childs size 8 years Tutu panty doubled up.
Depending on which way you use it you will need more or less. The stretch is usually used in the width of the Panty as leotards are
but some people use the stretch in the length running down the body.

Remember the give (stretch) is in the width

DSCN2264 (640x480)

Black, Nude and Natural White colours.

Essential to HAND rinse in 30 degree or cooler water before use as approximately 20% shrinkage occurs on the width.

This Cotton Bobbinette is light weight but it is an extremely strong tulle due to its construction method.
The Interwoven mesh is durable and has a natural give in it.
It is quite sheer and breathable and doubled up makes ideal Tutu Panties.
It is soft against the skin and tear resistant.
Easily dyed.
Small hexagon hole – width of 2.25 m- approximately– Nude and Black
Small hexagon hole – Off White-width 1.10m – 3.25 m approximately
Weight – 36 gsm
Stock Colours available are Natural Off White, Silk White and Black.

All sizes are approximate and can vary a few centimetres due to the nature of the fabric

For more information See the Dye Service for Tutu panty- Cotton Bobbinette— listing

or on the Home page on the Black Bar under Product Information there is a Linings for Tutus page.


Please order a sample to be sure it is correct for your project.




Additional information

Weight 0.020 kg

Nude 1.65m wide per metre, Nude 3.30m Wide per metre, Black 1.22m wide approx per metre, Silk White 1.6m wide approx per metre, Silk White 3.25m wide approx per metre, Piece Black 2m wide x 40 cm, Piece Black 1.05m wide x 64cm, PIECE New White natural 1.15m wide x 1m, New White natural 2.25m wide approx per metre, New White natural 1.10m wide approx. per metre