Brocade with Lurex – Apple Green and Gold FA148

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Minimum order Half a metre

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Minimum order Half a metre

A medium weight woven Brocade fabric with a design outlined with Gold Lurex thread.


Apple Green and Gold Brocade with Lurex

Various colours available-Deep Sky Blue, Pale Pink, Lilac, Ivory and Gold, Silver and White, Ivory and Gold, Apple green and Gold.

This glitters under the lights.

The Fabric has a  slight textured effect.

Brocade Apple Green and Gold

Steam iron with caution before use.

Pre washing on 30 degrees without chemicals and no tumble dry to preserve the Lurex.

Test wash a sample before pre washing.

Lurex threads in the fabric advises dry cleaning but can be hand washed.

Width is 116 cm approximately.

Beautiful and unusual fabric.

Made in Japan

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Weight 0.03 kg

Apple Green and Gold Brocade with Lurex 1 m