Corded and Beaded Trim – Smaller CA035

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Trim sold without lace in photo

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DSCN0367 (640x493)

Metallic Silver Trim on a White Tutu skirt

DSCN0361 (800x800)

Metallic Gold on a white Tutu skirt

The trim is sold without the net and lace it is photographed on.

A corded and beaded Trim embroidered onto an Organza base.

Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold colours.

The Metallic Gold trim has an organza base of pale gold and the Metallic Silver trim is on a clear organza base.

Sequins and tiny pearls and beads are hand sewn onto the trim.

Please allow for discrepancies as with any hand sewn items.

Where the trim is cut through, the hand sewn beads will be loose and the thread will need securing when you re-attach to the garment.

Measuring approximately 9 cm in height by 6.5 cm each scallop width.

If you are not sure of the colour then order a sample.

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Weight 0.02 kg

Gold Corded Trim CA035