Prices for Dyed Tutu Net

Dyeing the Net for Tutus gives you so many choices of colours which you wouldn’t normally find.

In fact some of the very Stiff Net you use for Tutus has a limited range of colours available. The process of hand dyeing is quite a complex one and you will find slight variations in colour batches even if you have used the same formula.

This doesn’t detract from the garment and some customers like the variations in the colour as it gives more ‘Life’ to a Tutu.

However I do find when you dye smaller pieces you tend to have more control over the outcome, although sometimes it can be a surprise too.

The Net is charged at the current rate as seen in the shop section.  The price of dyeing varies as to the needs and quantities required.

To cut a 10 layer Classical Tutu                                                     £10.00

To dagge the edges-Scallop or ‘v’ shape                                        £25.00

To dye a 10 layer Classical Tutu with powernet piece for panty   £25.00

For more information please refer to the SERVICES -DYEING section on the Menu.

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