New Brocade fabrics

DSCN4718 (800x800)

Lovely Silk Brocades

I ordered a few metres of each of these Brocade fabrics to see what they are like and they are beautiful.

Most are Silks and combinations of Silks. More details when I put them up in the shop.

Have a look and see what you think.

DSCN4742 (800x800)

Silk light Brocade

I can already imagine Men’s jackets and Tutu Bodices from most of them.

So exciting to get unusual fabrics and very keen to get more from this Supplier.


2 Comments on “New Brocade fabrics

  1. Looking for some beautiful Lilac fabric for a tutu for 8-10yr old, what would you suggest for the bodice and top layer of tulle?

  2. Hi Gina
    The Brocade with Lurex FA142 in Lilac/Gold is lovely.
    Also the reversible Jacquard FJ68415 in Lilac.

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