Lining Fabrics for Tutus

I use 100% Cotton Coutil on my professionally made Tutus. This is the most durable and kindest to the skin. The cotton absorbs perspiration and helps protect the outer, more delicate top layer of the Tutu fabric.

The dense herringbone weave prevents the boning from coming through the fabric and so is more comfortable to the dancer.

The denser Coutil is used more for Corsets but the softer Coutil which has less starch in it is my preference.

A standard 10 piece Adult bodice needs about half a metre.

A strong Cotton Drill is also suitable for Tutus which don’t need to last 20 years and is under less stress. Younger students Tutus can be made successfully with the lighter linings as these are not constrained to the same rigours as the Professional Dancer.

The Coutil and drill can be dyed a flesh colour when the top fabric is thinner or more see through as this is less visible through the fabric.

ALWAYS prewash and Iron your Lining fabrics, especially cottons, as they do shrink. Stretch Linings i.e. Power net can be washed on a cool setting or rinsed by hand. These do not need pressing.

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