Tutu Hangar Sleeves

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Only the Sleeve for sale. (Hangar sold separately)

NOTE—This is a lightweight sleeve NOT a hard Tutu bag.

Made to measure so expect delays depending on orders.

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Drawstring pouch with the Tutu Sleeve inside.

The Navy Blue option

There are different types of Tutu coverings available. A Tutu sleeve for transporting and a Tutu bag for storage.

This one is a Lightweight (semi opaque) sleeve which is NOT a hard plastic/nylon Tutu bag.

Transporting a Tutu on a Tutu Hangar is short term and a dust cover or simple sleeve is suitable.

DSCN7535 (629x640)

Drawstring pouch with Initial on.

This is a lightweight sleeve so the net edges are less likely to be crushed.

It is water resistant and as the bottom is open can ventilate easily.

These Tutu sleeves slip over the Hangar and Tutu and can be pulled closed at the bottom with a drawstring. The drawstring can be looped over the hanger when in use so it doesn’t drag on the floor.

Made of lightweight rip stop nylon fabric. Some colours are NOT opaque.

Colours will vary to what colours are in stock, Off white, Royal Blue, Navy Blue.

If you have a preference for a specific colour please email me.

The Adult sleeve fits a 15″ Adult Tutu. It is approximately 1.10 m or 43″ wide.

Children’s smaller ones are available — please email me with Tutu width end to end for a more specific size.

A small drawstring pouch  is available to purchase separately with or without Initials sewn on.

These are made to measure but I stock some so enquire with your needs.

They have different colour ribbons or drawstrings so if a specific colour is wanted please leave a  note and if possible I will assist.



To store your Tutu it is better to have a breathable bag like coated nylon, canvas or a heavy cotton fabric.

Storing your Tutu in a waterproof bag will encourage mildew and rot.

Always keep  desiccant in your stored bag as moisture affects the net and makes it limp.






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Tutu sleeve light weight, Pouch WITH Initial on–Leave a note which Initial, Pouch