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Very large and heavy Tutus are not suitable for the hangers

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Showing different way to hang a small Tutu

Showing different ways to hang a small Tutu

A Tutu and Costume Care company have designed these hangers for traditional Classical Tutus use. DSCN3129 (547x640)

Men’s Tunics as well as other Costumes can also be hung to air on these hangers.

Heavy and long Tutus are not suitable to be used on the Hanger.

They will cause the hanger to bend and go out of shape.

Never store a Tutu while damp or after a performance without airing it for at least two days.

Storing your Tutu in a room with High Humidity affects the stiffness of the net as well as encouraging  bacterial growth.

Humidity shouldn’t be above 55% and the area should be ventilated.

These hangers are made of 3/8″ plastic and measurements are  20 3/4″ x 16 1/2″   ( 51 cm x 41 cm approx )

White colour and rustproof.

Side view

Side view

The Tutu is hung through one leg and the waist.  There is no stress on elastics of the Tutu.

Small Tutus will fit as shown in the Pink Tutu for a 6 year old.

Best suited for Non-Stretch Tutus.

Stretch Tutus —They have been used but need to be carefully hung so as not to stretch the bodice—-

-please enquire if you are unsure.

Storage space is better utilized during rehearsals, performances and the Tutu hanging vertically reduces damage to it.

Air flow increases Tutus lifespan as it allows ventilation.

Made in USA


Side view of Tutu hanger



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