Stretch Tutu Peasant Dress Pattern

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Stretch Tutu Peasant dress pattern comes in 5 sizes     If in doubt go up to next size.

Stretch Tutu Peasant Dress Size Guide.–Approximate.

Stretch Tutu Peasant Dress variation

Girls 8-10

Chest 60-65cm  (23.5-25.5”)

Waist 50-55cm  (20-22″)

Idea of Stretch Peasant Tutu Dress

Hips   65-70cm  (25.5-27.5”)

Girth 115-120cm  (45-47”)

Girls 10-12

Chest 65-70cm  (25.5-27.5”)

Waist 55-60cm  (22-24”)

Hips   70-75cm  (27.5-29.5”)

Girth 120-125cm (47-49”)

Girls 12-15

Chest 70-75cm  (27.5-29.5”)

Waist 60-65cm  (23.5-25.5”)

Hips   75-85cm  (29.5-33.5”)

Girth 130-145cm (51-57″)

Ladies Small

Chest 75-85cm  (29.5-33.5”)

Waist 65-70cm  (25.5-27.5”)

Hips   80-90cm  (31.5-35.5”)

Girth 140-150cm  (55-59”)

Ladies Medium

Chest  85-95cm    (33.5-37.5”)

Waist 70-80cm     (27.5–31.5”)

Hips    90-100cm  (35.5-39.5”)

Girth 145-155cm (57-61”)


As with Dani’s other stretch Tutu patterns these run on the small side.

As with all sewing of Stretch Tutus and Romantic Tutus it is advised you have basic knowledge and some experience for best results.

These patterns do not provide basic sewing instructions.

A guide list of fabric requirements is included in the hardcopy of the pattern.

If you want to add more net layers then increase your Tulle quantity appropriately.

PDF Instruction notes are available to be sent by email. These are 5 pages of A4 size notes with diagrams.

These are not available without purchasing the pattern.

There are no printed copies of the Notes yet available.

These patterns and notes are for your own use and not for resale.

They remain copyrighted by Dani Legge.

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