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Dance Headgear is usually made to individual requirements.

Red Swarovski Tiara

Red Swarovski Tiara

There are many variations and usually the role dictates the type of

headgear required.

They can be Crowns, Tiaras, feathers, floral bands etc.

A headpiece is made up with the Tutu if needed so it is part of the design process when ordering Tutus.

Custom made headpieces can cost anything from £75.00 upwards depending on the intricacy involved and materials used.

A simple Tiara with crystals can cost about £55.00 upwards while a simple Bun buddy for clipping above the Hair bun can cost

about £20.00 pounds and up.

Floral Headband

Floral Headband


When dancing in competitions sometimes all that is needed is a simple crystal headband.

A Principals headpiece in a Classical  Ballet can be very intricate and be extremely involved as to the specific design which takes a long time to construct. Dance companies use headpieces which are decades old sometimes as they are specifically created for the role.

I usually make the headpiece for the Tutu required and so cannot be more specific of the cost involved as they are so individual.

Any queries please contact me.

I will be selling Bun Buddies and simple Crowns on this site.