Prym Travel Steam Iron

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I have two of these over from a workshop as I ordered too many.

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Mini Prym steam travel Iron–shown with dressmaking scissors which are not sold with the iron

I don’t like to have electrical items in my shop but am just selling these remaining two I have.

A mini Iron made by Prym which can be used for hard to reach areas and small seams.

I personally don’t think it is big enough for ironing clothing but it was made for travelling with.

Quite handy when ironing seams which are shaped in the bodice.

It can be used with or without steam and comes with a carrying soft bag and a measuring cup.

Also can be used for Applique and Craft work–please be sure to read the Instructions specific to this iron.

Dual 110 V to 220 Voltage.

The Iron is fitted with a standard British (UK) mains plug.

The sole plate measures 130 mm x 75 mm.

Shown with a standard pair of fabric KAI scissors to try and gauge the size.

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White Prym Travel Iron