Teflon sheet

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These are the light weight Sheets suitable for Applique work etc.

Be cautious in using some very thin sheets as they don’t work well with the higher temperatures needed with some Applique work.

Double up the thinner sheets depending on your needs—Always experiment first on scraps.

Teflon (PTFE) sheets are heat resistant up to about 260 – 290 degrees Centigrade depending on the thickness.

They have very low friction properties which make them extremely slippery.

Teflon resists weathering and chemicals and has excellent electrical and thermal insulation properties.

Used for Applique work where you have glue residue or inks or Fusible interfacings.

The Teflon sheet is placed under your work to protect your ironing board and over the Applique to prevent the iron sticking.

They are non-stick and re usable over and over up to about 1000 times depending on their use.

Easily wiped clean with Baby wipes or similar.

They also protect your work from direct heat and the fabric from scorching.

Not to be used with steam, use the iron with the steam function off.

The Teflon can get warm with long applications of heat so be cautious.

When ironing delicate silk fabrics, the sheet will allow more pressure to be used without damage.

The Teflon sheets can be used on your machine bed when sewing or embroidering as the fabric glides over it without snagging.

This might require punching a hole for the needle and making sure the sheet doesn’t move when sewing.

Painters tape does not leave residue and works well but test anything new first.

Small sheet sizes approximately 250 mm x 200 mm x 0.08 mm

Medium sizes approximately 250 mm x 400 mm x 0.08 mm

Larger sizes approximately 500 mm x 400 mm x 0.08 mm

Always store flat or rolled–folding will cause damage to the Teflon sheet.

Teflon (PTFE) can become dangerous if heated over temperatures of 300 degrees Centigrade.




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