Mini Fabric Clamps – 2″ long

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Mini spring clamps in Grey

These Mini spring clamps are very useful for holding fabric in place.

Used for clamping the net onto the steel ruler for steaming.

Always dry after use to prevent damage.

As they are quite heavy if sold in bulk and are overweight for Royal mail then I have to send with a Courier.

A Paypal invoice will be sent for the extra postage. Please enquire to approximate the shipping cost if ordering in bulk.


Two strengths–

The Stronger Grey clamps and a Medium strength Blue clamp.

The Grey clamps—

These are made of nickel-plated strong steel with vinyl tips for protection.

Some fabrics might be too fine for the use of these clamps, check first or order a sample of 1 each to test for your own use.

There is a tempered steel spring which allows a good holding strength.

The manufacturer claims about a  14 lb clamping strength.

They measure 10 mm wide at the tip and are 50 mm in length.

Grey strong mini clamp showing jaw opening

Blue medium strength mini clamp showing jaw opening

The clamps can be opened fully to approximately 12 mm (clamping depth) or comfortably to 9 mm.

Grey Per unit – (1) £1.10

Price for 6 –  £5.70DSCN4638 (640x571)

Price for 12 –  £10.08

Price for 24 – £20.40

Price for 36 – £28.80

A one metre ruler fits 36 clamps spaced closely together.


Blue medium strength mini clamps—

A cheaper option–

Same size.

Price for 12 is £5.40

The Blue Clamps are being sold until stock is finished. These are approximately half the cost of the Grey ones.

The clamping depth is wider at approximately 20 mm. Much less grip as the material used is weaker.

Definitely not for applications where strong grip is required but adequate for holding fabrics etc.

Ordering and Testing one is advised before purchasing in bulk.



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1 Grey mini spring clamp, 1 Blue mini spring clamp, 6 Grey mini spring clamps, 6 Blue mini spring clamps, 12 Grey mini spring clamps, 12 Blue mini spring clamps