OLFA Rotary Cutters

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Cannot be sold to under 18 year olds

New stock has a shaped handle


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Olfa Rotary cutter in two sizes 28mm-small and 45 mm – Large

28mm Rotary cutter-curved handle

45mm Rotary cutter curved handle

28 mm Olfa Rotary cutter with blade – New stock with shaped handle

45 mm Olfa Rotary cutter with blade -1 old stock and then new stock has a shaped handle

The range of Rotary cutters on the market are varied and difficult to choose from. Budget is always a factor.

I have found the issues are the strength of the base and sharpness of the blade.

Olfa Cutters are made in Japan and feature a blade safety cover. They are suitable for right and left handed use.

As long as you try to have one blade which you only use for your finer fabric or net and another for paper or coarse upholstery fabrics, they do seem to last longer.




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45 mm Rotary Cutter, 28 mm Rotary Cutter