Avery Dennison MKlll Standard Gauge Tagging Gun

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Tag gun, needle and stay, 400 attachments

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This Tagging gun by leading brand designer Avery Dennison is the most hassle free one I have used.

For Tutu tacking, attaching labels to garments etc

NOTE–IF using Fine net and fabrics then the Fine 10312 tagging gun is recommended

The Fine net and Italian net suits the use of the Fine 10312 gun as it easily slides through it.

The Stiff net with bigger holes works fine with the Standard gauge gun.

The ergonomically designed gun means there is less strain placed on your hand.

It is light and compact and makes it easier to get into those hard to reach areas

The Ratchet Feed system means less jams

It also has a smooth trigger action and can use the Micro-Pitch Attachments

Uses a Mk 2 needle and Standard Avery Dennison Attachments (You can only use  Standard gauge attachments in a Standard gauge gun)

The Tagging gun is supplied with——

one needle and needle stay

200 size 40 mm Standard gauge attachments-paddle end

200 size 20 mm attachments- paddle end.

More quantities of Attachments  are available in the SHOP under Patterns and Tools section.


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