Italian Lurex Net/Tulle

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Showing the Blue on a white Tutu skirt


Italian Lurex card


An Italian net/tulle. The feel of this lurex net is stiffer than tulle but lighter than Stiff net 27 gsm.

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Silver shown on a white Tutu skirt

Adds sparkle to your Tutu skirt and can also be used as decoration.

Can be pleated into your top layers or used on its own as a plate.

The net holds its shape not like the Sparkle tulle which is softer.

It is not suitable to replace a layer of net in a Pancake Tutu–not stiff enough.

Weight is 23 gsm and it is 1.5m wide.

Available in Silver, Gold and Blue/Silver and Red/Gold–the red/gold is more a tan colour but over red net shows red. New colour Green/Silver.

Samples available.

Sold by the metre


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Weight 0.030 kg

Gold Lurex, Silver Lurex, Blue/Silver Lurex, Red/Gold Lurex, Green/Silver Lurex