Chunky Glitter Nylon Tulle in Gold or Silver-Discontinued

£5.10 Price includes VAT per m

Sold by the metre

READ information please-discontinued- Few metres left

Being replaced with Italian sparkle Glitter Net 8.8.23

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Chunky Glitter Gold

A fine Nylon Tulle with flakes of glitter in either a Gold or Silver on white tulle.

Chunky Glitter Silver

The Glitter on the Tulle is approximately 1.55 cm wide with a small piece of blank nylon tulle on the selvedge. This is easily trimmed.

Some of this glitter does come off and it is advised to cut and gently shake the tulle before use. Best shake over a bin if you want to avoid glitter everywhere.

Always order a sample and test a piece for your requirements to be sure it is what you need.

It is Not advised to wash, iron or steam the Tulle.

I only have a small amount to start with to see if it is popular.

Always stay away from flames with any costumes.


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Weight 0.025 kg

Gold Chunky Glitter on white tulle, Silver Chunky Glitter on white tulle