Oz net-Bale 50m and 10m PACK

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Nylon Net 50″ wide—approximately 1.20 m.

Showing inside colour card

A Bale is 50m but the last metre or so is folded onto its board and creased. 

Some Bales are 25m with 24m usable approximately.

The price reflects this.

Please be aware there might be some creases  which are unseen when ordering a bale.


Some 10m packs available. These are double folded measuring 32 cm x 23 cm.

Be aware the last metre could be creased from packing.


Stiff net used for Tutus. Good stiffness.

As with all Dance costumes please keep away from flames.

Approximately 25 gsm


Shipping is by Courier and approximately £16.00.

If you want to book your own Courier please advise us when doing so.

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Red 10m PACK Oz net, White BALE 50m Oz net, Pale Ivory BALE 50m Oz net, Black BALE 50m Oz net, Dark Nude BALE 50m Oz net, Cookie Dough BALE 50m Oz net