Italian Net 60 D – Coarser 3 m wide

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Italian 60 Denier net 3 metre wide-Coarser ‘F’

The Coarser 60 Denier net——

Silk white and some Ivory is the Coarser batch once off and has a slightly different knit .

After May the Net will revert to original knit.

Silk White stock of the Coarser batch is still available.

The ‘White’ is NOT a Bleached white- it is a more natural white.

The 1.5m width in White feels not as heavy as the 3m wide due to narrower width.


Is a heavier net for support where needed. — It can be ‘Springy’ to work with.

Similar to the Super Stiff English net 50 gsm but lighter and made out of Polypropylene.

Please note—- Due to the manufacturing process there might be some visible dots of the stiffener used. This does not affect the net.

Available in White, Silk White, Ivory (was called Blush Ivory), Black.

Width is 3 metres

This net contains Formaldehyde for stiffening.

Allergy sufferers might want to wear gloves for handling large quantities.

It is advised to not wear against the skin.

As with all dance costumes Keep away from Flames.

Shipping depends on weight and whether the net quantity can be folded in half.

I will refund if excessive shipping is overcharged (after packaging charge and if a Courier rate is charged but it can then go Royal mail) but check first with me if you are unsure.

There are Courier options available.

PLEASE order samples to be sure it is what you need.


ROLLS— Couriers are currently charging around £38.00 for high value and over 1m in length.

If you order a roll of net a shipping quote will be sent and extra costs invoiced.

If you want the net unrolled and cut into 2  pieces and folded for cheaper shipping it can take a few days.

There is a fee of £5.00 included for this.

Please email me for a quote.





Additional information

Weight 0.065 kg

Coarser 'F' Silk White 60 Denier Italian net 3m wide, Coarser 'F' Ivory 60 Denier Italian net 3 m wide, Coarser 'F' Black 60 Denier Italian net 3m wide, SILK WHITE Roll 25 m 60 Denier net 3 m wide, IVORY Roll 25 m 60 Denier net 3 m wide, Coarser 'F' White 60 Denier Italian net 3m wide, WHITE Roll 25 m 60 Denier Italian net 3m wide, BLACK Roll 25 m 60 Denier net 3 m wide