Italian Net 40 Denier Coarser ‘F’-By the Bale of 30m

£149.00 Price includes VAT

White Bales due 6.3.24


Now available by the bale of 30m lengths by 3m width.

Be aware the last metre on a bale will need pressing out due to packing folds.

Some bales have some packing folds and need slight pressing.

This has been allowed for in the costing.

Bales of 30m Italian net 40 Denier ‘F’ Coarser net. White, Silk White, Ivory

Trying a few colours at first and planning on expanding the colour range over time if popular.

Shipping a Bale can cost £14.50 – £19.50 depending on goods purchased and their value.

Please email if unsure.

As with all Bales it is sold unseen.



Additional information

Weight 6.00 kg

Off White Bale 30m 'F' Italian 40 Denier Net, Silk White Bale 30m 'F' Italian 40 Denier Net, Apple Green Bale 30m 'F' Italian 40 denier Net, Pink Bale 30m 'F' Italian 40 Denier Net