Italian Net 40 Denier 3m wide — Coarser ‘F’

£5.46 Price includes VAT

Sold by the metre at 3 metre widths– 1 metre will give you 1 metre x 3 metre WIDE

£2.73 per metre for 150 cm wide

Some matching threads available-Pale Peach, Wisteria etc












Please Note–

April 2023 the Italian net companies price have increased prices by 10%

Transport costs have doubled and this will impact the costs

They say this is not permanent but a surcharge during the unstable European conditions at present.

I am absorbing some of the extra costs but am forced to increase my prices slightly.

Depending on what happens these might change again.

Discontinuing Bright Orange and Bright Green colours.

The colour–Bordeaux/Wine is also available in 1.50m width–(The 1.50 m width is half the 3 m width price so if you order 1 m you will receive 2m) )

There are two qualities of the 40 Denier Italian net– The Standard Original smaller hexagonal hole which gives the net a smoother feeling, and the Coarser hexagonal hole which has slightly more body to it. The coarser net I have marked with an ‘F’.
Slightly Coarser net colours- —‘F’ —White, Off White, Silk White,  Ivory, Peach, Dusky Lilac, Violet, Turquoise, Bordeaux-Wine, Pale Blue, Sky Blue, Marine, Dark Navy, Sea Green, Bright Green, Apple Green, Pale Pink, Pale Peach, Pale Lilac, Cornflower, Deep Ocean Green, Emerald, Pink, Cerise, Blush Ivory, Coral, Nude, Dark Nude, Wisteria, Ruby Red, Black.

Italian net 40 Denier Coarser net -‘F’
Stock levels can change overnight so be aware of this and check if the colours are in stock to avoid disappointment.
100% Polypropylene (Nylon)

3 metres wide

Some colours have dots scattered of the Finish applied by the manufacturer. These should not be visible when the tutu is made up and do not affect the quality of the net.

Sample cards are available to order

White, Off White, Silk White, Ivory, Blush Ivory, Nude, Dark Nude, Pale Peach, Peach, Pale Pink, Pink. Right side– Pale Grey, Wisteria, Pale Lilac, Dusky Lilac, Violet, Pale Blue, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Cornflower, Marine, Dark Navy.

Coarser Italian net inside card

Computer monitors vary and the colours are not always as they appear.

It is advised not to steam the net as it can soften it. It also weakens the net which can then tear more readily.

Shipping depends on weight and whether the net quantity can be folded in half.
If the shipping comes up above £16.00 it is assuming a weight over 2 kg which cannot be folded and sets a Courier price.

If it can be sent with Royal Mail I will refund excess after other costs.

If you do NOT want the net folded in half please inform me on your order.
There are Courier options available

NEW– Bales of 30m lengths now available in some colours.

As with all Tutus and Dance costumes keep away from an open flame.

This product contains Formaldehyde.

If a particular quantity is needed please email me at [email protected]

ROLLS– Currently Couriers are charging around £38.00 for long parcels with insurance.

Please email me for a quote if you want a roll.

Additional information

Weight 0.045 kg

White, Off White, Silk White, Ivory, Blush Ivory, Turquoise, Bordeaux, Nude, Dark Nude, Pale Pink, Pink, Cerise, Sea Green, Bright Green, Deep Ocean, Sky Blue, Cornflower, Dark Navy, Black, Dusky Lilac, Peach, Coral, Pale Blue, Bahamas, Emerald, Ruby Red, Pale Lilac, Pale Peach, Violet, Apple Green, Pale Grey, Wisteria