Domestic Machine Needles – Schmetz

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Stretch o/o/s–until 19.6.22–Jersey needles an alternative


Choosing the correct needle for your project is of upmost importance

Please see Product Information for more detailed specifics on choosing the correct needle

1. Microtex needles -130/705 H-M—–Size 80/12

Very fine point for use on Silks and finely woven micro fibres

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Universal Assorted sizes

Good at topstitching with precision piercing of the needle into the fabric


2.Universal needle – 130/705 H —Sizes 90/14 and  Assorted pack

General applications (synthetics, cottons and some stretch)  as has a slightly rounded point


3. Jersey needles – Assorted

Medium Ballpoint needle for stretch and knits

Needle design prevents skipped stitches in elastic and synthetic fabrics


4.Jeans needles 130/705 H-J

Solid strong needle with re-enforced blade which pierces densely woven fabric like denim

Stock size – 90/14


DSCN2158 (640x480)

Quilting needles Assorted size pack

5.Quilting needle 130/705 H-Q  –Assorted Size pack

Tapered needle with slightly rounded point allowing easier sewing of layers


6.Topstitch Large Eye -130 N –Size 80/12

Large eye for larger diameter threads used in Topstitching

Very sharp enabling  quick piercing of the fabric to allow for straight stitching


6.Ballpoint  –Size 70/100

Needle end has slight ball end which parts the fabric.

Best for Light to Medium weight knitted fabrics.

Available in a pack of 5 needles with varying sizes.

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Needle Types

Microtex 80/12, Universal 90/14, Universal Assorted, Jeans 90/14, Quilting Assorted, Topstitch 80/12, Jersey Assorted, Ballpoint 70/100