Cotton Braided Elastic with Rubber

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Slightly thicker than the Braid flat elastic

New Bloch elastic replacing the Dyed version.

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Cotton Elastic

Used in swimwear, Activewear, Sportswear

If there are kinks in the elastic it can be ironed – medium heat with a teflon protective sheet.

If using the Natural colour elastic it must be washed before use to remove any natural colour oils in a standard hot wash.

Prewashing also pre shrinks the cotton. Dry flat or hang to dry.

Extreme heat can distort the rubber so do not tumble dry.

Do not pull the elastic when Ironing.

Good strong weight Braided cotton elastic which can be used for Tutu bodice straps

Extra percentage of rubber in this elastic makes it more durable.

70% Cotton 30% rubber

Withstands Perspiration and chemicals


Can be dyed in tea for a skintone for Tutu bodice straps

For FLESH colour use a ratio of 2 standard teabags to one raspberry or strawberry teabag.

Sizes –   (1/4″) 10 mm








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Weight 0.025 kg

10 mm Cotton elastic natural