Tutu Hooping Roll – 10 metres – White

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Tutu hooping seen from above

A 10 metre roll should give you enough hooping for 5 Tutu skirts if using around 2.00 m per Tutu

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A 1.80 m – 2.00 m piece should hoop a 13″ skirt based on a 15 year old small adult size depending–Check your size before ordering.

The difference in the old hooping and the new hooping is the plastic used to coat the wire. The nylon coating is slightly thicker.

Strong tin snips are needed to cut through the hooping.

Tutu Hooping

As it is Polymer based (nylon) it can be dyed to match your skirt. Use an acid dye.

Tutu hooping  for skirts and petticoats.

Double strand spring steel wire coated in nylon.



Width is just under a 1 cm–(0.95 cm) or 3/8 ”

You will need around 2.0 – 2.30 m for a 14″ skirt depending on hip size. ( this includes an overlap of about 4″)

Around 1.80 m – 2 m for a 10 year old skirt—measure first as different size hips make the skirt smaller or bigger.

A 15″ skirt could use about 2.5m hooping depending

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