Rolls – Continuous P.E Coated Boning

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Metal Boning–Continuous PE coated

The metal boning cannot be folded into the figure 8.

You also have to make sure the ends are well sealed and that they are joined  sufficiently to prevent them coming apart.

2.55 to 2.60 mm, – 5.0 to 5.5 mm, 7.0 to 7.5 mm– all approximate

2.6mm = £13.00 a roll

5 mm  boning £15.00 a roll

7 mm boning. £17.00 a roll


BE CAUTIOUS with opening the spring steel boning as it springs open . Always keep hold of it with one hand when opening the boning.


An Adult size A Skirt 15″ long will  need 2.20 – 2.40 metres of hooping single use.

Child sizes will need about 2m depending on the Tutu skirt length single use.

The Cotton Bone casing can be used to insert the boning in and also dyes easily to match the skirt net colour.

Otherwise seal the ends and tape the overlap of the boning a few inches together well with good hooping tape.






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Weight 0.09 kg

10m Roll 2.6mm Boning, 10m Roll 5mm Boning, 10m Roll 7mm Boning