Synthetic Whaleboning

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Sold by the metre or in 5 or 10 metre lengths


This plastic boning is similar to whalebone in the strength.

Size is 10 mm wide x 0.1 mm in depth.

(The Bone casing 21mm fits this whaleboning and NOT the 15 mm width.)

Very supportive in the centre of a Tutu bodice.

It is not flexible sideways only forward and backward.

Not recommended for where 4-way flex is needed.

Easily cut with snips and filed smooth.

Sold by the metre at £1.99 and it is 10 mm wide.

Sold in a 5 metre length at £1.79 a metre

Sold in a 10 metre length at £1.59 a metre

To flatten- Iron with a teflon sheet.

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1 metre synthetic Whaleboning, 5 metres Synthetic Whaleboning, 10 metres Synthetic Whaleboning