Corded Scalloped Trim in Gold FA1499

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Metallic Silver version showing the sequins and beads. CAL118

Fine metallic thread embroidery Trim.


1)  Gold- LIGHT WEIGHT  on an organza base – Rayon thread with gold cord—- A yellowy gold rayon embroidery with Gold cording.

Holographic sequins scattered throughout.

The edges are corded in a gold cord and the centre of the design is embroidery.

This is a lightweight trim on a base of organza. Different to the Metallic gold trim which is heavier.

There is a latticework section in the scallop trim and this adds to the detail.

This is a small size trim.

New Gold version on top -lighter weight and the Metallic gold version at the bottom of the photo.

The Gold trim measures approximately 60 mm deep by a repeat of 65 mm wide.


2)   Silver–O/O/S—The metallic silver trim has sequins and beads along the lower section.

The Silver measures approximately 60 mm deep by a repeat of 70 mm wide

3) Metallic gold–design same as the silver and colour same as the CA035

Metallic Gold out of stock–


Metallic Gold version

The Metallic gold colour has embroidery in the metallic thread with gold cording.

Gold sequins and small artificial beads enhance the trim.

The base is organza on which the metallic thread is embroidered.

Really delicate looking trim which would enhance any work.

When cutting just dab a bit of flexible craft glue or fray check on the ends of the cords.

There is a sheen on this trim which doesn’t show in the photos.

Some cord edges  show along the trim and just need slight trimming.


Please order a small piece to be sure the colour and trim is what you need.



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Gold FA1499