Corded Trim – Larger CA0415

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DSCN0702 (640x496)

Metallic gold trim using a flash

A wide embroidered metallic trim on a Soft organza base.

DSCN0705 (640x442)

Metallic Gold trim on Silk white net skirt

DSCN0690 (640x559)

Depth of trim is about 12 cm

Variation 1–Beaded —–Hand sewn beads and sequins scattered throughout the trim.


Variation 2—NO beads–plain embroidered


Hand sewn items are sometimes not even so be aware of this.

Be cautious cutting loose threads as they might be attaching the beads.

Secure when attaching.

Some beads are not in the same places.

The beads are easily removed if necessary.

If cutting through the cords then seal the ends with fray check or similar.

The depth is approximately 12 cm x 11 cm repeats along the width.

Available in a Metallic Silver and Metallic bright Gold , Bright Red and Turquoise and Pale Pink-Colours available under Trims in White and coloured Trims.

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Weight 0.025 kg

Metallic Gold beaded, Metallic Gold NO beads, Metallic Silver beaded, Metallic Silver NO beads