Swarovski Xillion Bicones – Tiara Colour packs 5328

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Colour packs for Swarovski Bicones Xillion 5328.

DSCN4361 (639x640)

Green mix

DSCN4323 (640x605)

Lilac Mix 4 mm

To make a Tiara just select your colour and size of Crystal and you will get a pack of blending shades of that colour.

There are approximately 47-51 Crystals in a pack.

DSCN4327 (640x506) (2)

Pink Mix 4 mm

4 shades of colour in the 4 mm bicone will give you 47 -48 Crystals and 3 round faceted beads.

DSCN4303 (640x570)

Blue Mix 4 mm

4 shades of colour in the 6 mm bicones will give you 47 -48 Crystals.

1—Pink mix – 4 mm and 6 mm Bicones

Light Rose, Rosaline, Rose, Vintage Rose

2—Green mix—4 mm and 6 mm Bicones

Chrysolite, Emerald, Fern Green, Peridot

3—Lilac mix—4 mm and 6 mm Bicones

Amethyst, Light Amethyst, Tanzanite, Violet

4—Blue mix– 4mm Bicones

Aquamarine, Capri Blue, Air Blue opal, Indicolite

5— Blue mix — 6 mm Bicones

Capri Blue, Sapphire light Opal, Sapphire AB, Light Sapphire, Aqua Bohemia, Aquamarine

6—Crystal AB and Honey mix 6mm Bicones

24 x Crystal AB Bicones

24 x Honey Bicones

1 x Crystal drop





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Pink mix 4mm, Pink mix 6mm, Blue mix 6mm, Green mix 4mm, Green mix 6mm, Lilac mix 6mm, AB Crystal and Honey 6mm