Flexible Glue for Rhinestones UD16

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30ml squeezable bottle Rhinestone glue only–not sold with the Rhinestones


30ml glue.

Preciosa recommended.

A Non-Toxic flexible glue for attaching non-hotfix rhinestones to fabrics.

This glue is softer and more flexible to use than the cement glues.


30 ml bottle supplied with long nozzle

The Non – hotfix Rhinestones are the ones without any adhesive backing.

Sold on its own without the Rhinestones.

I find this glue easy to apply and less messy than some others. It lasts longer as the container is flexible.


The glue is white for easy visibilty when applying but dries clear.

A dot of glue the size of the rhinestone is applied so the stone is just surrounded by glue.

Using a rhinestone picker place the stone on the glue and do not push down.

Leave to dry flat overnight. 24 hours is recommended for total setting of the stone.


The glue is in a handy 30ml plastic bottle. 70 mm high by 32 mm wide approximately.

A longer nozzle screw on cap is supplied. You just snip the point off and use the closure afterwards to prevent the glue hardening.

You can wash the nozzle cap with water to clean it. Let it dry before using again.-

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Weight 0.35 kg

30ml Preciosa rhinestone glue with extra cap