Brexit and VAT etc -How this affects consumers

Information regarding EU Import Duties, VAT payable and Customs can be found here–

Basically if I sell to a consumer in the EU I do not apply VAT to your invoice– that gets applied at your country’s VAT charges along with Duties and customs at the border and is payable by you.


As this saga continues I just wanted to let everyone know what could possibly affect you as the customer on my website purchasing certain goods.

As it stands anything I import from Europe will have to have import duties, Tax and customs applied from 1st January 2021. This affects Net from Italy.

The rules and regulations are currently being worked on with paperwork having to increase tenfold.

If I take it as the same as imports from the USA or worldwide then certain goods are classified as controlled and certain as standard imports.

Controlled goods need specialist transport and freight costs are just about doubled. Import duties/ customs are then applied.

Until we all know what is happening we cannot even give an estimate of the extra fees which will be needed to be added to the costs of the goods already set out.

This is as you all know a severe threat to small businesses. Even goods I purchase from the UK will be affected as the increased costs are applied to the many other companies who import goods from the EU.

We can only hope it gets sorted soon so we all know where we stand.

Restrictions are already in place from several companies I deal with who until they have some sort of idea of what is involved will not be exporting to the UK.

Nets and fabrics are mainly affected and haberdashery etc to a lesser extent.






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