Tutu Plate Patterns

Designed to help with placement of your decoration and simple shapes on the plate of the Tutu skirt.

The final designs must always be visually acceptable in their placement.

These are FULL size patterns for guides only as each Tutu is different in size and the patterns will need to be adapted to fit your particular size.

Depending on feedback these might be changed to Half size patterns as they are too large for mailing rolled.

They will come folded in A4 sizes but can be flattened and then rolled for storage.

Available in Adult and Child size— as a basic Adult approximate¬† 15″ Tutu skirt (32 1/2″ High Hip plus 2″ ease = 34 1/2″)

and a basic Child 11.5″ Tutu skirt (28″ High Hip plus 2″ ease=30″).¬† See more information in the Shop under Tutu Patterns.

There will be 3 pattern designs initially- plus the Basic Guidelines pattern— Petals, Stars and Scallops, Starfish

The Designs will be available as a set or individually.

I will be starting off with the Basic Guidelines pattern on its own.

Basic Notes are emailed with each Pattern if ordered.

A good knowledge of Tutu making is advised as the notes do not cover basic sewing or how to make a Tutu.

The Guidelines Plate Pattern is available in the Shop under Tutu Patterns-Tutu Plate Patterns–

with the designs to follow shortly.

These are not for re-sale or Commercial use.

Personal use only.

No returns on patterns.

Design Copyright held by Valorose Tutus and Textiles.


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