NEW Oz Stiff Nylon Net 50″ wide

£2.79 Price includes VAT

Sold by the metre at £2.79 a metre







Nylon Net 49″-50″ wide—approximately 1.20 m.

Sold by the metre–‘1’ in the box is 1 metre

Stiff net used for Tutus. Good stiffness.

Showing colour card inside

The net ordered might come in 2 pieces but extra will be sent.

As with all Dance costumes please keep away from flames.

Approximately 25 gsm

New colours–Paler Mint Green, Lemon, Blush Nude Pink,  Mid Blue, Emerald Green,  Turquoise, Pale Ivory, Navy Blue, Cookie Dough, Dark Nude





Additional information

Weight 0.0350 kg

White Oz net, Baby Pink Oz net, Pale Ivory Oz net, Cream Oz net, Dark Nude Oz net, Blush Nude Pink, Peach Oz net, Lemon Oz net, Lilac Oz net (Pinky), Blue/Grey Oz net, Paler Mint Oz net, Darker Mint green Oz net, Black Oz net, Raspberry Oz net, Guava Pink Oz net, Teal Oz net, Turquoise Oz net, Navy Blue Oz net, Eggplant Oz net, Deep Laguna Oz net, Cookie Dough Oz net, Wine Oz net, Emerald Green Oz net, New Mid Blue Oz net, Sapphire Blue Oz net, Red Oz net, Baby Blue Oz net