New Embroidered Trims in Gold

DSCN7737 (640x554)

Old Gold Metallic thread motifs

DSCN7726 (640x480)

26 cm wide Black high sheen Trim

DSCN7741 (640x480)

Gold corded and gold thread scalloped Trim

DSCN7751 (640x480)

26 cm Gold High sheen embroidery Trim

More Beautiful Trims from a top Japanese manufacturer.

These are very different and Unusual trims but extremely good quality.

The metallic thread and the embroidery is very fine.

The workmanship especially on the larger trims is very good.

Again the different colour gold metallic threads depends how much base thread is used.

The old gold colour is a more solid metallic thread where the brighter gold on some has a Lurex thread in.

Some trims I have only ordered small quantities to try.

The Old Gold Metallic Trim is available in Motifs or by the metre.

The Gold corded and Embroidered scalloped Trim is very effective on a Tutu Skirt.

I recently saw the Black Trim decorating a wedding cake base-unusual application of the trims.

The price reflects the quality and as much as I work hard to try and keep my prices affordable,

with these good quality and unusual Trims the prices are unfortunately higher than normal.

Hopefully with lots of interest I can order bigger quantities and so bring the price down.

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