Gathering net with Fishing Line

  • Different methods and ideas to make the arduous task of gathering metres and metres of net easier.
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Starting with a knot in your Fishing Line

  • Fishing line can help reduce frustration with double rows of thread gathering. Each method has its place and when you gather with your two rows of stitching you can get a finer gather when attaching to your Panty. Gathering with Fishing line combines two steps into one so helping with time saving.
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Zig Zag stitch over the top of the Fishing Line

  • When sewing with a zig zag stitch don’t make it too large or too small. The line must be able to move to gather easily. There are different weights and lines and it becomes a bit confusing deciding on which to use.
  • My methods are what suits me and everyone has to find the most suitable for their way of sewing. I started out using a 10 LB line which is very fine and flexible. This weight was recommended to me so it was my first use of the method. I found it too flimsy to work with and it didn’t help when trying to attach the gathered net to the Panty. I needed more arms than I had. Next I tried the opposite by using the 50 LB line. Being much stiffer and having a larger cord diameter it was tricky to start with. I used a foot on my machine with a groove in and that helped. A no. 14 Needle and wider zig zag and all worked well.
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The gathered net as you are sewing–back view

  • The layer I had gathered stood straight and firm and was easy to attach to the Panty. I vary now between a 50 LB and 20 LB line depending on the net I am using. Use logic and practise on scraps to find what is best for you.
  • The Green and Black line helps with visibility when sewing onto the Panty and helps keep you sewing over the line. With the memory free line you can use it over and over.
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Ending your gathering with a double stitch

Disposing of the fishing line is important as it can harm animals on landfill sites. Cut it up, but too small a piece is easily eaten by birds which is harmful. Find out the best way in your area.

Gathering the Net—-

  1. To start gathering tie a knot at one end of the line. Place your net layer flat under your machine foot.
  2. Place the Line on top of the net and anchor with a double stitch.
  3. Zig zag the line onto the net stopping every now and again to pull into a gather.
  4. With experience you will be able to hold the line taut enough so it gathers itself as you sew.
  5. At the end of the Layer lock your stitch.
  6. Leave enough line for adjustments.

Attaching to your Panty—

  • Once your Ruffle is the correct length and it has been prepared you can attach it to your Panty.
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    The gathered ruffle

  • Again zig zag over the Fishing Line on each ruffle.
  • Once you are sure the Ruffle is correct you can cut your knot off and gently pull the Line out.
  • You can also attach the net to the Panty with a straight stitch and a zipper foot next to the line.
  • You will find the method most suitable for you.
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    Green or Black Fishing Line helps visibility when sewing and attaching

  • The green Fishing Line 40 Lb and 50 Lb comes in small reels of 50 metres The green Fishing Line 20 Lb weight comes in 100 metre small reels The Black Fishing Line is only in 20 Lb weight and comes in 100 metre small reels

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