Rubber Elastic 4.5 kg – 5.2 kg boxes

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A Rubber Elastic used in Activewear and swimwear

Nice and flat for leotard and Lycra applications

Generally sewn onto stretch fabrics

Prices can fluctuate with the exchange rate and box weights can change.

Box weight available is dependent on the delivery at the time.

1 metre stretches to about 4 metres—approximate.

Width – 8 mm in Natural/White colour

Width – 6 – 6.4 mm in Natural/White colour

All sizes approximate.

If larger quantities are needed please email me before ordering.


If the shipping is not enough I will send an Invoice for the balance owed.

Shipping estimate for 5 kg boxes is around £16.50- £20.00 via Courier depending on quantity and value ordered.

4.5 kilograms is approximately 930 metres of the 8mm tape

5 kilograms is approximately 1030 metres of the 8mm tape

5.5 kilograms is approximately 1133 metres of the 8mm tape

5.2 kilograms is approximately 1071 metres of the 6mm tape



Additional information

Weight 4.0 kg

5.2 kg WHITE Rubber Elastic 6mm, 5.2 kg WHITE Rubber Elastic 8mm