Embroidered lightweight Lace Trim in Beige or Pale Silver

£2.75 Price includes VAT per m


Only short pieces of Pale Silver left-emailĀ  [email protected]


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DSCN6238 (640x394)

Silver Trim on a white skirt

Beige with gold specks

Lightweight trim – The Beige with specks of gold is more Beige than gold.

The Beige is on a mesh which you trim down to size needed.

Mesh 10 cm in height with the design 8 cm in height.

The Silver/grey version is trimmed around the embroidery.

If unsure order a sample please.

The Silver is a Pale Silver/Grey.

The embroidered trim is on a soft white gauze backing.

It measures 8 cm in height by 8 cm repeat approx.




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Weight 0.02 kg

Beige with gold specks