Corded in Metallic Gold CAL14 Rose Trim

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The Trim is on a backing of Fine organza in pale gold.

Gold on Gold

It has 3 layers of petals joined together in the centre.

Shown using a flash

The Gold cord edges the design of fine metallic embroidery.

It is joined and needs cutting if the motifs are needed separately.

The design measures approximately 6 cm deep by 10 cm wide. (one repeat)

If ordering be aware of the increments and order 0.10.5 cm x motifs needed.

The repeat is the central rose with a few leaves either side.

If you are cutting the trim be aware the cording might need a touch of fray stop to prevent it becoming loose.

Trim sold as is.

This design is available inĀ  Gold and Red, Gold and Gold, Emerald Green and Gold ( colours available in the Coloured Trim section.)

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Weight 0.025 kg

Gold on Gold corded CL14 Rose trim