Teardrop Motif CXWS 09

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White and Black are UNBEADED



Bright Red teardrop motif

Single beaded motifs which measure approximately 17 cm in height by 12 cm width.

Shaped like a teardrop or pineapple with Polyester thread and cording.

Sequins and artificial beads are scattered through the Red motif.

White and Black motifs are plain with no beading or sequins.

The base is organza.

Sold as single motifs


Mini Motif UNBEADED 13 CM X 9 CM


Black motifs 12 x 10 cm

White and Black motifs are UNBEADED and slightly smaller approximately 13 x 9 cm white.

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Bright Red Beaded Teardrop motif Std CXWS 09, White Mini Teardrop Motif CXWS small, Black Mini Teardrop motif CXWS