Silver and Gold 3-motif Applique 150

£3.00 Price includes VAT


New stock Finer in Silver and Gold FE

Gold and Silver metallic embroidery applique.

Silver old stock flatter at the top. Silver new stock finer FE at the bottom

There are 3 motifs joined to form one piece 20 cm wide and 4 cm height.

Each motif measures 7 cm x 4 cm.

To separate motifs use a dot of Fray check before cutting.

This ensures the embroidery thread will not unravel.

Price per 1–(3 motifs) ¬†section ¬£3.00


New stock is slightly different from November 2017–I will put photos up to show the difference

Main photo showing old stock Flatter embroidery

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Weight 0.010 kg

Gold flatter old stock, Silver flatter old stock, Silver new stock finer FE, Gold new stock finer FE