CAJ11 Faulty Gold Trim on Mesh-3 or 6 yard pieces

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Sold in 3 yard (2.70m)  pieces. Approximately.

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This CAJ11 trim is faulty and sold as is.

Without using a flash– small dark spots of glue etc

Taken using a flash–

There are small bits of glue dotted around and the gold has bits off here and there.

Please enquire or get a sample to see before buying.

Close up you can see the flaws but from a distance it looks fine.

Trying to show an area where it is worse on the trim

I have tried to show in the photos but it doesn’t pick up the flaws so well.

Size is slightly smaller than the normal trim for sale.

The design is 14 cm in height and the repeat is 15 cm.

The design is on a white mesh measuring 26 cm in height.

This is in approximately 6 yard pieces (5.48 metres) and is sold in either 3 yards or 6 yards pieces.

If you order a sample it will come off the piece of 6 yards.

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg

CAJ11 faulty 3 yards-2.74m, CAJ11 faulty 6 yards-5.48m